We strive to remain completely play to win. These donator perks give no in-game advantages to our wonderful generous donators. All rewards are designed to give small quality of life features and fun toys to play around with without giving an unfair advantage. All future perks will follow the game's EULA and our guidelines. 

All donations are used to upgrade, improve and develop the server further. Custom donations count towards our current goal for expansion and all other donations count towards the monthly cost of the server. 

Most donations should be processed within 15 minutes but may take up to 2 hours. If after the 2 hours the package is not received, contact staff. 

Problems & Concerns

If you are experiencing any kind of issue with the store, or if you happen to have questions or concerns about any of our items, please don't be hesitate to ask! The fastest way is always to contact a staff member through our discord server.

Discord: brightside.hu/discord
Email: admin@brightside.hu

Brightside is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB.
We are not responsible for any issues arising from purchasers not reading the
Terms & Conditions before check out.